The team

Behind our accommodation, there is a whole team. We are pleased to present it to you:

Eusebia with flowers and smiling


Eusebia, warm and communicative, is with Eusebio, the soul of the house. She will make sure you don’t miss anything.
She worked in a tobacco factory for many years and now she is retired. At the helm of the kitchen, she will offer you tasty typical dishes…


Eusebio is naturally available and open. He is an outstanding repairer, he repairs umbrellas on the radio (and he is very good at it!).
Eusebio was a teacher and is also retired now. He will be in charge of informing you and giving you some good addresses. In addition, he prepares excellent cocktails!

portrait of Eusebio
Portrait of Idalmis


Eldest daughter of Eusebia and Eusebio, you will often see her at home, as she lends a hand to her parents. Thus, you will recognize her by her good mood. She takes care of everything!


Idaisys, second and youngest daughter of Eusebia y Eusebio. Known in Viñales as “la peluquera” (the hairdresser) of Viñales for over twenty years. She has also been living in France for few years. She gives us a hand answering to your emails in Spanish, English, and French and sometimes by phone on her French number.

Portrait of Idaisys
Alexandre with cigar in a Viñales tobacco barn


The only Frenchman on the team is Idaisys’ husband. A true globetrotter, he has lived in many countries and also in Cuba. He currently lives in France with Idaisys. He voluntarily gives us a hand with our website and communication since 2015.

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