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Entry formalities in Cuba

What documents do I need to enter Cuban territory?

Entry formalities in Cuba : what are the necessary documents?
Here is the list of essential documents to have with you, some take more or less time to obtain, try to take care of them as soon as you have booked your plane ticket.

  1. Passport
    Please check the validity of your passport. It must be at least valid for another six months on your date of entry into Cuban territory.
    Caution : If you are also an English (for example) and Cuban citizen, you must present your valid Cuban passport to the immigration authorities to enter Cuba. You will also need to hold a valid English passport to return to the UK.
  2. Tourist card
    We are not talking about a visa, but a tourist card here, a real sesame for setting foot on Cuban soil. In addition, you can request it either: at the Cuban consulate in your country, or by contacting an authorized tourist agency.

  3. Travel form
    Since May 31, 2022, you must complete a form within 48 hours of your departure. You will be asked for this form at the departure airport and upon arrival in Cuba. The latter is also accessible in English. Thus, you will receive a digital confirmation, we also recommend that you print it.
  4. Medical insurance
    Your insurance must cover you in the event of COVID-19. For the majority of you, you can request it from your Visa or Mastercard card provider. Remember to specify the dates of your stay and print your insurance!

More information …

For more information, we invite you to consult the following authoritative sites in their respective fields:

  1. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country. You will find information about security, entry/journey, health, useful information, business trips and emergency contacts.
  2. The Cuban state website for tourists, Cuba Travel (in English): the “useful information” section will answer your questions.

Last advice

Cuba being under American embargo, we will be able to recommend you to contact your bank and inform it of your trip to Cuba by specifying your precise dates. Therefore, you will be able to withdraw money without hassle and avoid hefty bills by calling your bank from Cuba! We speak from experience!

For any other questions, contact us, we will be happy to answer them.
Have a good trip.

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