homme avec sac de voyage sortant d'une boutique à Cuba

Here is a small list of essential things to bring for your trip to Cuba. Two distinct parts: the first is for travelers, the second for Cubans. Indeed, the situation being complicated on the spot, many travelers ask us in what they can bring to help them. Here you will find some clues.

For you

Clothes / shoes :

A waterproof windbreaker
A pair of closed shoes, ideally low hiking shoes (high if you plan to go in the mountains, e.g., Sierra Maestra)
A hat (cap, panama, bucket hat, etc.), the sun is strong in Cuba, an essential accessory!


Plan your usual treatments for the duration of your stay and for a few more days in case there is a change of return flight. It is very likely that you will not find your treatment or equivalent on site
Bring paracetamol, ibuprofen, amoxicillin, antidiarrheals, antispasmodics, anti-nausea, a small first aid kit
Solar cream.

Accessories  :

A power adapter. The sockets are like those in the United States.
An external battery. Power cuts are frequent, this accessory can be an ideal companion. Beware of powerful batteries, check with your airline beforehand, as there are certain limitations.

For Cuban people

It lacks a bit of everything on site. All help will be welcome. The best is to leave directly to the families with whom you are staying, they will take care of dispatching everything.

Clothes / shoes :

You can leave clothes that you no longer use on site, or take clothes purposefully that you have set aside to donate. Pants, sweater, shirts, shoes, everything will be accepted with joy.


Same as before, medications will be gladly accepted. Try to properly label the drugs so that there is no mistake when taking drugs, or to people who speak French to explain to them what you are leaving. Pay attention to the expiry dates! Your old glasses will quickly find a new owner.

Accessories :

Ditto, all electronic accessories will gain a second life: mobile, power cable, etc.

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